Rick's Real Pit BBQ

We are a family owned business located in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. It is our goal to share our passion of BBQ with you and help you in understanding what real BBQ is all about.

So, what is real BBQ? That is a good question. BBQ is best described as "low and slow" which translates to low temperatures for slow cooking times. Unlike grilling which is usually done at higher temperatures for shorter cooking times. That is the quick answer, but to be more specific, traditional BBQ is done with wood as a source of heat and also smoke which imparts the classic "smoked" flavor to meat. In addition to the smoked flavor from the wood burning, various spices or "rubs" are used to add distinctive unique flavors. From the Southwest, to Memphis, and on through the Carolinas you'll find various styles of BBQ, each claiming to be the best.

Which style is the best is a matter of personal choice.

In our search to define our own unique style of BBQ, we have developed rubs and sauces which we have had great success with. It is these products which we endeavor to share with you. These are not re-branded products, but are made in small batches in our own kitchen. The same rubs and sauces we sell are the ones we use. They contain all natural ingredients and have no fillers or extenders.